We’re focused on safety! Keep pests out of your home with exterior treatments. Aptive Service Professionals can effectively reduce pest activity without stepping inside.

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Aptive Environmental controls fleas in and around homes using the most effective methods. Our certified pest experts conduct a thorough investigation of your home or business and customize a solution specifically for your property. The Four Seasons Protection Plan guarantees that you'll be secure from fleas and other pests all year long. You'll receive the best customer service and convenient, effective treatments to remove and prevent fleas with Aptive.

Where do fleas live?

Fleas can live both outside and inside. However, because they feed on blood, they need a host in order to survive. Before latching onto a host, fleas thrive in humid and warm areas.

What is flea behavior?

Fleas are parasites and feed on the blood of host animals. These hosts are typically furry or hairy animals such as dogs, cats, squirrels, rodents, rabbits, and raccoons.

What attracts fleas to houses?

Your home isn't what catches a flea's attention, it is your pet. Fleas will attach to your cat or dog when they are outside, and your pet will unknowingly bring them into your home.

How do I get rid of fleas?

Preventing and controlling fleas can be difficult as it doesn't take them long to lay eggs, hatch, and spread. The best way to prevent them is to eliminate any outdoor habitats and talk to your veterinarian about any flea control pet products.
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How our
program works

Aptive Environmental knows that for most homeowners, it’s not if the pests will return, but when. When the pests come back, we do too—absolutely free! Our unique residential and commercial service begins with a thorough inspection of your property by a certified pest specialist for both indoor and outdoor treatments.
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Service begins with a thorough inspection of your property by a certified pest specialist. Risk areas are identified and treated using a customized seasonal protection plan that keeps your property pest free year-round. We will return the following month to rid the exterior of any surviving pests and continue to treat your home on a regular basis.

We responsibly protect your family and the environment. We believe we don’t just kill bugs; we make life easier, homes safer and businesses more productive.

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